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Valid in these dictionaries

  • TWL/NWL (Scrabble US/CA/TH)
  • SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / ALL)
  • ENABLE (Words with Friends)

Meaning of grow

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From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

      v 1: pass into a condition gradually, take on a specific
           property or attribute; become; "The weather turned nasty";
           "She grew angry" [syn: {turn}, {grow}]
      2: become larger, greater, or bigger; expand or gain; "The
         problem grew too large for me"; "Her business grew fast"
      3: increase in size by natural process; "Corn doesn't grow
         here"; "In these forests, mushrooms grow under the trees";
         "her hair doesn't grow much anymore"
      4: cause to grow or develop; "He grows vegetables in his
      5: develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation; "He matured
         fast"; "The child grew fast" [syn: {mature}, {maturate},
      6: come into existence; take on form or shape; "A new religious
         movement originated in that country"; "a love that sprang up
         from friendship"; "the idea for the book grew out of a short
         story"; "An interesting phenomenon uprose" [syn: {originate},
         {arise}, {rise}, {develop}, {uprise}, {spring up}, {grow}]
      7: cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means
         of agricultural techniques; "The Bordeaux region produces
         great red wines"; "They produce good ham in Parma"; "We grow
         wheat here"; "We raise hogs here" [syn: {grow}, {raise},
         {farm}, {produce}]
      8: come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and
         attributes); "He grew a beard"; "The patient developed
         abdominal pains"; "I got funny spots all over my body";
         "Well-developed breasts" [syn: {grow}, {develop}, {produce},
         {get}, {acquire}]
      9: grow emotionally or mature; "The child developed beautifully
         in her new kindergarten"; "When he spent a summer at camp,
         the boy grew noticeably and no longer showed some of his old
         adolescent behavior" [syn: {develop}, {grow}]
      10: become attached by or as if by the process of growth; "The
          tree trunks had grown together"

Source : WordNet ® Princeton University. 2010.

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  • OCTWL / TWL : The official dictionary for scrabble game in United States, Canada and Thailand.
  • SOWPODS / CSW : UK and the rest of the world uses this dictionary for various word games including scrabble.
  • ENABLE - This is the default dictionary for Words with Friends.

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