Wordle Tips and Tricks

Enjoying Wordle? Make Sure You Use These Tips!

Wordle is a nice little word game that you can play in your web browser. You get six attempts to guess the word and it provides you some hints in finding that. Game play is very simple and it limits to one session everyday.

The tips in this article will help sharpen your problem-solving skills when it comes to solving the Wordle, which may translate to other areas of your brain!

Update! Wordle is also available as a board game that you can play in a family or friends gathering over weekends.

Choose Your First Word

Choosing your first word is actually a really important step in successfully finding the correct word. It's your first opportunity to rule out some important vowels. In that spirit, many players across the internet believe selecting a vowel-heavy word is the way to go. There is some dispute about which word is the best, but there are a couple of popular choices.

The word 'ADIEU,' meaning goodbye, hits four out of five vowels in a single attempt. If you don't manage to land a green letter in this attempt, then you know your second word almost certainly must include an 'O'.

The word 'ROATE' is also a strong choice for a first word, eliminating three vowels.

The word SHADE is also a good choice.

We don't think there's anything inherently wrong with using the same word to start each Wordle. This is more about strategy than cheating. You might feel differently, though!

Further Utilize Vowels

Vowels are an essential aspect of words. If you've played your first word but still haven't found a vowel, it may be a good idea to find it on your second try. This is because there are only five five-letter words without a single vowel, so the chance of them coming up in your Wordle is extremely low.

Thankfully, if you've played a solid first word like described above, you should be able to hit all five vowels in your first two guesses, leaving you four guesses left over.

Guess Random Words

When playing Wordle, the letters you have already played are displayed on the keyboard at the bottom, much like they are in the words at the top.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and you get six attempts with five letters on each. That means, if you stick to playing words with common letters, you can guess an utterly random word in the hopes that one of the five letters will be useable.

Doing this a couple of times and eliminating some common letters will often lead to helping you solve the Wordle.

Try New Words

Nobody but Josh Wardle is really sure how the Wordle is picked, but it's clear by some of the words chosen that it could be almost anything. So try to steer away from only playing common words when you are making your final guesses and utilize your entire vocabulary.

Share Your Success and Get Involved

Wordle's popularity soared once Josh added the ability to share your score with other players. This is because, as simple as the game is, it is better with friends.

Talking to your group of friends and sharing your scores between them and even strangers on social media can help get you immersed in the Wordle experience. Even though the game is only designed to take up a couple of minutes of your day, the mental stimulation you can get from the game can be significant.

So, next time you are about to repost a funny cat meme you found, consider posting and sharing your Wordle score instead!

Hard Mode

If you really want to flex your vocab knowledge, Wordle has a sneaky hard mode feature that might just scratch that itch.

When using hard mode, you are restricted to only being allowed to use words that include your current hints. That means if you find a green tile, you have to place the correct letter in that position, and if you find a yellow tile, you have to use that letter in your next attempt.

That doesn't sound much harder, but it restricts you from using words that use common letters and limits your ability to get feedback on five letters that you haven't played yet.

You can turn on hard mode by heading to the settings cog at the top right of the page and finding the hard mode toggle.

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Published on 02 Feb 2022
Author: Jordan