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Wordle is a fun little word game that gets players guessing a particular word in six or fewer attempts. Wordle has players using their vocabulary knowledge alongside their problem-solving skills in order to deduce what the potential word could be.

As simple as it sounds, Wordle can get quite complex, especially if you don't know or have never heard of the final word.

Now the game is taking over the internet, with tons of people sharing their Wordle scores, with everything from lucky first guess wins to barely scraping by on the sixth go; there is always a talking point with Wordle.

The Basics : How to Play Wordle

To win the Wordle, you have six attempts at correctly guessing the five-letter word of the day. The Wordle is the same for everyone playing that day, and there is only one word each day. The developer, Josh Wardle, decided to keep the game limited to one word per day to allow people to enjoy it without getting bored of it.

So you start off by guessing your first word. Once you have guessed the word, if it is accepted as a valid word, the game will tell you which letters are used in the Wordle and which are not.

Letters that are not in the Wordle at all are greyed out. Letters that are in the Wordle but in the wrong place are highlighted in yellow, and those that are in the correct position are highlighted in green. This gives the player the opportunity to make an even more educated guess on the next attempt.

Finally, after six attempts, if you haven't correctly guessed the word, the game will end and give you the answer. You will be presented with some statistics along with the timer for the next Wordle.

A Word on Cheating

You may use this tool as a way to cheat at Wordle, but cheating may ruin all aspects of the game. If your sole purpose is to cheat at the game to brag to your friends, consider first reading through these tips and actually trying the game out first! You may just start to enjoy it like countless others do every day, and it only takes a couple of minutes out of your day.

Tips For Playing Wordle

  • Pay close attention to the first word you play. It's really important. Start with something like AUDIO or SHADE to maximize your chance of finding the word today.
  • Discover Vowels as soon as possible - it's very likely that word contains atleast one of them.
  • Improve your vocabulary of five letter words, go through the word list and learn some new words every day to improve your chance of solving Wordle.
  • Most importantly, keep practicing. It's okay if you don't find the word. Slowly, you will get better if you keep playing everyday.

Read all the Wordle Tips and Tricks in detail.

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