Anagram Solver

Solve single word anagrams quickly!

Anagrams is a word game where you create new words by rearranging the letters of given word (or scrambled letters). This may help you in finding solutions to single word anagrams. It uses SOWPODS dictionary as a reference for making valid words. Sometimes, if the word doesn't matche, then it may be due to the difference in the dictionary used.


Anagram could be of multiple types such as synonym ones (eg. pat = tap) or antigram where you have to find the anagram with opposite meaning (fluster => restful). A lot of word games are also based on anagram e.g Jumble (letters are permuted to form a jumbled letters or clue), Anagram Magic (multiplayer game to find longest word out of give random letters) or so and this solver could probably help you win many word games like that. Additionally, you also learn new words while having lots of fun.

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