About this site and the creator of this site.

Word Unscrambler is a web app created to help you learn new words, specifically when playing any word games such as Words with Friends, Scrabble, Wordfeud, Jumble etc. It’s certainly handy for settling disputes among your opponents as well. However you use, we aim to make it simple and easy to use for all user groups, support wide range of devices and keep improving it based on the user’s recommendation. We make it faster and better every day and try our best to serve only clean display ads in a friendly way so that the users don’t find it distracting.

Any feedback ?

Feel free to report any kind of problem, design or usability issues with any device. Any feedback from the users is very welcome. It helps us find and fix issues that we couldn’t spot ourselves.


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We currently use Google Ad Manager to serve ads.
If you want to place ads directly, let us know.

About the creator

Hello Human! I'm Ramesh Jha. I created this website as a weekend project in 2014. Now, it has become one of my main web projects as it's been serving millions of users each month for the last few years. I really enjoy working on this site. Thank you for visiting!