Wordfeud Helper

Helps you find words for Wordfued (english version).

Wordfeud is a word game - easy to play like Scrabble because of similar playing rules. You play online against other people and score points by making words from lettered tiles. Wordfeud is available as a free multiplayer word game (basic version), available as an app on mobile devices(Android / iOS).


What is Wordfeud ?

Wordfeud is a mobile word game created by Bertheussen IT, a mobile app development company from Norway. It has lots of interesting features that makes it fun to play - you can have any of your friends as an opponent or you can get any random opponents through the app. You can also play multiple games simultaneously (upto 30) and invite all your contacts to play. It uses push notifications when your opponent makes a move. The game runs at slow pace and you are free to do something else between the moves. It’s available in many languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian etc) but this solver is meant for english version. This website may help you in learning new english words, also find something new to score against your opponent.

Here is an example

Scrambled Word : NETUI

  • Solution (5 letters) : unite, untie
  • Solution (4 letters) : tune, unit, tine, and more
  • Solution (3 letters) : net, ten, nut, tin, nit and more
  • Solution (2 letters) : en, in, it, ti and more

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