Word Scramble

Reveal hidden words for any scramble word games.

Word Scramble is a word game, most popularly known as Jumble (It used to appear under the column “Jumble - That Scrambled Word Game” in most daily news paper). It’s a word puzzle game based on the concept of anagram, where you have to re-arrange its letters to reconstruct the original word, through the help of given clue for each set.


Now, there are many scramble games available from plain Jumble to Jumble crosswords, Wordscapes, boggle etc that you could easily play on your mobile devices (iphone or android based phones or tablet devices) and you will find this scrambling site useful sometimes. As a side benefit, you get to learn new words everyday in a fun way.

Here is an example

Scrambled Word : TVENIS

  • Solution (6 letters) : invest
  • Solution (5 letters) : inset, neist, vents, vines and more.
  • Solution (4 letters) : nest, nets, sent, site, sine, ties and more
  • Solution (3 letters) : net, set, sit, vet, tin, nit and more
  • Solution (2 letters) : en, es, in, it, ti and more

You can use advanced options to fine tune the response. For example, to get only the words ending with a specific letter (say 't'), you use the 'Ends With' option under advanced options.

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