27 Words To Remember for Your Next Scrabble Game

List of interesting three letter words you should learn to score better in Scrabble or similar word games.

Scrabble is a game where remembering uncommon words, even obsolete ones, becomes an excellent strategy for scoring points when you can't think of anything.

Below we have a list of 27 uncommon and interesting three-letter words that might give you the edge when you need to get some points or block a premium square before your opponent gets it! You may find this list of 4 letter scrabble words useful as well for more points in your next play.

WIZ (15)

A wiz is the name of the sound made from something moving swiftly through the air. Informally, one can use the word to exclaim that someone is knowledgeable about something.

"The train passed with a wiz."

"She is a technology wiz."

ZED (13)

Zed is the name of the letter Z in British English. You may still play this word across the various dictionaries used across English versions of the game.

"His name began with a zed."

CAZ (14)

Caz, especially in British slang, can mean Casual.

Alternative spelling: Cazh

"The dress code for the party was caz."

SUQ (12)

A suq is a market or section of a market in an Arab city, coming from the Aramaic word suqa, meaning street or market.

"She found what she needed in the suq."

Alternative spelling: Souk

LUZ (12)

A luz is a supposedly unbreakable bone in the human body, with its location disputed among scholars.

"The location of the luz was in dispute."

ZIT (12)

A zit is a pimple on the skin, most commonly used in American English.

"The man had a small zit on his face."

ZEX (19)

A zex is a masonry tool used for cutting roof slates.

"He ensured he was careful as he used the zex."

Tip: This is a great word to get rid of two high-scoring tiles!

ADZ (13)

An adz is a wood shaping tool that was commonplace in Stone Age cultures. Various types of adzs could be used for tasks such as hand carving wood or even to be used similar to a hoe for horticultural purposes.

"She carved the wood using an adz."

Alternative spelling: Adze

ZIG (13)

To zig is to make a sharp change of direction along a zigzag course.

"We had to move in zigs and zags."

ZAG (13)

Again, to zag is to make a sharp change of direction in the zigzag course.

Tip: This is a two-for-one, as both words are similar and can be used separately or together as zigzag!

ZEK (16)

A zek is a word of soviet origin, meaning a prisoner or convict, especially in the context of forced labor camps within the U. S. S. R.

"He was a zek of the U. S. S. R."

ZHO (15)

A zho is a breed of cattle originating in Tibet, developed through the cross-breeding of a yak with common cattle.

"The farmer had ten heads of Zho."

Alternative spelling: Zo

PYX (15)

A pyx is a container in which consecrated bread is kept in order to deliver it to those who could not make it to church to receive Holy Communion.

"The pyx was full of bread."

YUK (10)

A yuk is an enthusiastic laugh or a joke that causes energetic laughter.

"He was known throughout the village for having an animated yuk."

Alternative spelling: Yuck

WEX (13)

Wex is an obsolete word that can mean either to wax or to grow.

WOX (13)

Wox is another obsolete word: the simple past tense of the word wax (to become).

YEW (9)

Yew is a species of tree, which can be highly poisonous and have links with superstition. The wood is durable and was often favored by bowyers to make longbows.

"She swung an ax at the yew tree."

JIB (12)

A jib is the triangular sail of the forwardmost mast of a sailing boat or the arm of a crane. A jib is sometimes confused with a gib, which is used to fasten parts together on a machine or structure.

"She told the crew to hoist the jib."

"The jib of the crane created a long shadow."

JOW (13)

A jow is the sound of a bell ringing or tolling and can be used to describe a rocking motion from side to side.

"The jow of the bell rang through the village."

HAJ (13)

The Haj is the pilgrimage Muslims take to Mecca. Every Muslim is expected to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lives.

"She was preparing to make the Haj."

Alternative spelling: Hajj

JAK (14)

A Jak is a large Asian tree that bears nutritious fruit—known commonly in the West as Jackfruit and the Jackfruit tree.

"He saw the huge Jak towering before him."

QIN (12)

A Qin is a Chinese stringed instrument played by pulling the strings with both hands.

"She quietly played the Qin."

QAT (12)

Qat are the leaves of an Arabian shrub, a flowering plant that is known to cause feelings of euphoria and stimulation when chewed or drunk as an infusion.

"She created a qat infusion for the gathering."

Alternative spelling: Khat

ICK (9)

The word ick is used to express disgust and unpleasantness at something or someone.

"Ick, that looks grim!"

KYE (9)

Kye is an obsolete Scottish and Northern English word for kine, meaning cows or cattle.

"His field of kye looked happy and healthy."

VEX (13)

To vex means to distress or annoy, to be irritated, or to feel or cause general discomfort.

"I didn't know exactly why, but he managed to vex me."

JAY (13)

A jay is a bird of the crow family, often having blue feathers in the tail or wings.

"She spotted several types of jay in her lifetime."

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Published on 01 Jan 2022
Author: Jordan