Word Cookies Help, Tips & Tricks

Basic tips to help you in getting started with Word Cookies.

Word Cookies is a baking-themed word game by BitMango developed for Android and iOS devices. Word Cookies is a massively popular and well-received game with over ten million downloads and millions of positive reviews.

The aim of the game is to complete anagrams with letters provided on a word wheel, similar to titles like Wordscapes but without the crossword element.

While the game is entirely free-to-play, you will see advertisements between levels unless you purchase the ad-free experience.

Basic Rules and Instructions for Word Cookies

Word Cookies is easy to get started with! Here are the basic rules and instructions!


  • Each letter on the letter plate may only be used once.
  • Players can have unlimited guesses
  • The dictionary used is not the standard Scrabble dictionary. Not all words are valid.


  • Each game has a number of words that need to be spelled using the words on the plate.
  • Use swipe gestures to spell words from the plate. Valid words will appear on the game board. If a word is valid but not part of the game, it will go to the cookie jar for bonus coins.
  • The level is completed after filling in all words on the game board.
  • You can make use of various power-ups to help you, which can be purchased with coins.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Even word game pros can use a few tips and tricks when getting started with a new title. Here are our top tips for Word Cookies:

Earn more coins!

Any words you play that aren't part of the main anagram will go into the cookie jar. Once you've played a specified number of bonus words, the cookie jar will open and award you with coins. The number of coins awarded changes based on the number of words required to fill the jar.

In addition, after you unlock the level 'Milk 10', you can complete daily challenges for extra coins. You can also complete any of the seasonal events available at the time. The challenges can be quite difficult, though!

Mix things up!

Shuffling your words can sometimes help trick your brain into finding the correct answer, and it is completely free to do! You can hit the shuffle button as many times as you like, so be as liberal as you like with it!

Take your time!

There isn't any kind of timer or guess limit in Word Cookies, so take as long as you like to complete the game board. You can even come back later, and the game will save your progress. Sometimes that fresh perspective can really help your brain solve a puzzle!

More is more!

Remember that as you advance through the levels, you will have to solve larger words. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, though! Most of the words on your game board will still require three or four letters, effectively giving you more opportunities to make words and score bonuses from your larger plate of words.

Save your coins!

You might have an easier time scoring smaller words when you have more letters on your plate, but those larger words can still throw a spanner in the works. Consider saving up your coins for when you truly need help at the later stages.

Have a guess!

Advice that is given all around the world: if you don't know the answer, have a guess! As Word Cookies doesn't penalize you for guessing, if you don't know the answer, fielding a guess is always worthwhile. You can even use the dictionary feature to look up the word's definition after you find it!

The dictionary isn't standard

Word Cookies doesn't follow the official Scrabble dictionary that many word games follow. For example, the word girn, which should be spellable in one of the early levels of the game, doesn't work, despite working in most other word games.

Word Cookies Answers

Published on 24 Mar 2023
Author: Jordan